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Do you own a website?

If yes, have you updated it as per Google’s changing algorithms?

To help its users connect with the most relevant and useful information in a faster manner, over the years Google has improved its search results page. Alone in the last one year, it has made over 3,200 changes to its search system. Isn’t it huge??

So, it becomes imperative for all of us website owners to continue investing in the improvement of our websites.

You shouldn’t be sitting relaxed thinking that you are all done with creating a website! Because Google is running harder and harder, and you have to catch the pace to ensure that your website maintains its ranking in the Google search engine. If you do not follow the updates, your website and its ranking will need to face the consequences.

It is like the game of “Snakes and Ladders”!!! You never know when a snake called ‘Google Algorithm Update’ will bite your website and it will have to slide down, or even get out of the game. So, it’s better that you keep on climbing the ladder by matching with numbers of Google Algorithm updates on the dice called ‘SEO’. This, in turn, will help reach your maximum potential to drive impeccable business growth and performance. So, be prepared for the game and play your best!

Being professional Digital Marketers, the team Digital Platter initiates to take you to the roots of Google Algorithm by bringing you a series presenting the History of ‘Google Algorithm Updates’ in this month of September when the company celebrates its month of inception.

Because Team ICT Media wants you to gear up for keeping on improving your website to make Google like it all the time!!

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